Suite 66 Advertising and Media Sales

Suite 66 is an online media sales organization servicing advertisers and representing website publishers in the U.S. and Canadian markets. 2014 marks our 15th anniversary. The company has evolved over the years to stay ahead of the ongoing changes in online advertising, marketing and publishing.

Suite 66 provides advertisers with a portfolio of well recognized websites that reach diverse yet targeted online audiences. The combination of premium Branded Sites and a Performance Network allows Suite 66 to offer advertisers a wide range of options for their online advertising needs. Our wealth of experience and expertise ensures that campaigns are well placed and properly executed.

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Website publishers benefit from Suite 66's proactive sales efforts to effectively communicate the advantages and benefits of their sites and unique offerings.

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As online advertising and marketing has evolved Suite 66 has ensured it remains a highly valued and trusted partner. We take pride in the advertisers and website publishers our company represents.